Sometimes, you just need some quick, no-nonsense ways to get your ex back fast. You’ve had enough of being apart, right? And you just can’t wait any longer to get back together. What do you do if you feel like you just can’t put in the time necessary to follow a proven winning-your-ex-back plan?

While it’s ALWAYS better to follow the plan when attempting to get your ex back, there are a few quick, kamikaze-style tricks to get her to look at you in that special way again. These tricks might not be enough for the two of you to -rebuild a sustainable relationship for the long haul, but when you’re desperate, you don’t care about that. Most guys figure, if they can get her back now, however he does it, then he can figure out how to keep her later.  This isn’t the best way to go about things, but if you REALLY insist, and are sure you can’t take the time to work the plan (the plan really works, guys, trust us!), then here are 3 top tricks to get her to come running back to you right away.  How long she’ll stay, we can’t guarantee.

No.1 – The best way to get your ex back immediately is to make a dramatic gesture.
Do something so completely unexpected, so emotionally vulnerable, and so grandiose that she can’t help but sit up and take notice. Wear your heart on your sleeve for this, guys, because that’s what it’s going to take for her to look your way again.  Don’t do anything dangerous or stupid, of course.  Just give her a grand sign that you love her more than anything in the world. Serenading her under her window with a full back-up band, for example, or hiring a sky writer to write her a personal message expressing your love in the clouds are good options. Use your creativity and really make a positive statement about how you feel about her, and she can’t help but melt a little.

No.2 – Rev up the romance factor. If your ex is still speaking to you, you’ve got a valuable opportunity to bring on the romance. Women love this kind of thing, so the more romantic you can be, the better (especially if you weren’t quite so romantic before). Shower her with flowers, chocolate, a sexy dinner at a classy restaurant, a chick flick movie, or a picnic in the park–just don’t overdo it to the point where you seem like a stalker.  If you take it too far, she may get freaked out or turned off, which is the LAST thing you want at this point!

No.3 – Ask her to marry you. This is a biggie, so don’t do it unless you’re absolutely sure you want to do this! Don’t ask her unless you really mean it and intend to follow through with it, because she just might say yes. Women love the intense feeling of being special that being asked to marry you brings them, and unless she REALLY hates you, chances are she’ll be taken aback enough by your proposal to say yes. Desperation isn’t the best foundation for a marriage, of course, but it will get you back in her good graces for the time being. Keeping her after that is up to you!

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