7 Tips For Preventing a Relationship Breakup and Growing in a Positive Direction
By Bill Underwood

A lot of people define themselves by their relationships. While this is all well and good, when the relationship is moving along smoothly, what happens when we hit a bumpy patch?

Concern over in the imminent breakup create a great deal of anxiety. It may be worth just a few minutes to go over some simple tips that may prevent a relationship from breaking up.

1. Try calming down a bit.

Rather than becoming overly worried and clingy, it might be beneficial to put a little bit of space into the relationship. This might help you get some perspective on exactly what is going wrong between the two of you. Sometimes it is really easy to lose track of our own emotions and feelings one way or worried about our partner. Spending a little bit of time apart may be helpful in defining personal boundaries.

2. Look at your part in things.

After you have taken some time to get a clear picture of what is going on in the relationship look for your part or contribution in any rough patches that might be going on during. Don’t forget it takes two to tango, and you may be blaming your partner for problems of your own creation. Are your expectations realistic, or are you engaging in a little magical thinking?

3. Time for some acceptance.

It is almost an iron clad self improvement the only thing you can really change is yourself, in the present moment. It is not really possible to change another person is something you want them to be. It is like driving a square peg into a round hole, lots of damage occurs. It is okay, in fact it is your responsibility to your side of things on the table for discussion, but that does not necessarily mean that your desires will be met.

4. Look at your communication skills.

Often times when all the fog and smoke is cleared away I’ll be relationships are rough patches are truly about miscommunication. One of the biggest faults in relationships is one person thinks they can read the mind of another person. He simply can’t. Sometimes simply stating in an assertive, non-aggressive way what is going on clarify. The silent treatment is really a form of aggression, not problem solving.

5. Express your feelings appropriately.

A lot of people do not own or take responsibility for their own feelings instead they believe that the other person can ‘make’ them feel a certain way. This is simply not true. Your partner cannot make you angry, you can however become angry in response to what they are doing. You can also choose not to become angry response to what they are doing. Is your choice where you end up emotionally not theirs.

6. Don’t misplace your anger.

Unfortunately it is all too common to misdirect anger, reset and, or stressed that is going on in other areas of our life unto our part. This really is not fair. Make an effort to resolve things as they occur, with the person they are occurring with. Do not save up all your frustration and vent it out on a hapless partner.

7. Make an effort to reach out.

If you take a little extra effort and extend yourself you may be handsomely rewarded. A little acknowledgment, appreciation or random act of kindness can go a long way to easing tension in the relationship. We all have the need to love and be loved and express it. Stop taking things for granted.

Relationships are never stagnant, they are in a constant state of evolution either toward the better and growing, or moving toward the worse and regressing. It is all too easy to take things for granted and not pay attention to what is going on yourself and your partner. Take some time and attention and actively working relationship on a day by day basis. People who successfully maintain long-term relationships all say that it takes work in the alley attention to detail. That may sound like a tall order but isn’t your partner worth it?

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