So, you need to win your ex back. You cheated on her, she found out, and she dumped you. You feel terrible, you’re consumed with guild, you can’t eat or sleep, and your every waking moment is filled with misery. After all, you didn’t mean to do it. It just kind of happened. None of that matters, though. You’ve lost the love of your life and you just know you’re never going to get her back. I mean, why would she take you back? You cheated! Read on, because there’s hope! Now, most guys would give up right here and resign themselves to a lifetime of regret, knowing they’ll probably never find a woman they love as

much ever again. You could give up, too. You may think that’s the only thing you can do, especially if she said she never wants to see you again. What you may not realize is…it doesn’t have to be over. You can absolutely win your ex girlfriend back, even if you cheated. It will take some work, and you have to have a proven plan of action in hand. However, if you follow all of the right steps, there’s no reason you can’t have her back in your arms again within a couple of months…maybe less. Yesterday, we talked about the importance of a plan. Now, you’re going to find out the first thing that needs to go in that plan. The first step to win back your ex is–resist the urge to call her. This may be difficult, especially if your first instinct is to try to get her to understand how this wasn’t your fault. You’ve got to stay strong, though, because if you call her without a well-thought-out plan of what you’re going to say, the two of you will just end up fighting and she’ll hate you even more. She needs some time right now to get her head cleared, and so do you. Use your time apart (which should be about a month) to work on your plan and get past the immediate pain of the break-up so you can think more rationally. Next, you have to figure out what you’re going to say to her the first time you do call. You have to tread very carefully here, as this first phone call is critical to your future together. You need to put her in the right frame of mind to want to take you back. Don’t push to see her and don’t try to make any plans with her just yet. Simply plant a seed that will continue to grow in her mind once that phone call is done. If you’ve gone about things correctly, chances are that she’ll be calling you before too long. Stay tuned, because next time, we’re going to talk about what to say on that first call, as well as how to increase your chances of her calling you. If want to win back your ex, this is information you absolutely need!

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